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A single mother who lost her job and Medicaid coverage

A single mother of two called PHLP when she lost her job and her Medicaid coverage.  A recent biopsy had discovered a pre-cancerous condition, and she needed surgery.  PHLP staff are knowledgeable about Pennsylvania’s special Medicaid programs and their eligibility … Continue reading

An 18-year-old’s traumatic brain injury

When an 18-year-old’s traumatic brain injury left him unable to read, his physician prescribed an evaluation to discover the problem.  The patient’s Medicaid Managed Care Organization denied the request until PHLP interceded and persuaded them of its medical necessity.

A quadriplegic’s HCBS Services

A quadriplegic’s HCBS Services were terminated after he earned his masters degree and began teaching.  PHLP’s representation maintained these services and supports.

A 39-year-old with developmental disabilities

When Gabrielle’s father passed away, her survivors’ benefits disqualified her for the services and supports she needed to live in the community.  PHLP helped Gabrielle avoid being placed in a nursing home.