Ann Bacharach

Ann Bacharach is the Special Projects Director of the Pennsylvania Health Law Project. For the last 22 years, she has worked on improving access to health care and other social services for low-income Pennsylvanians. Ann’s work currently focuses on outreach, enrollment and renewal for Medicaid and CHIP, quality of preventive care for children, and engaging parents, youth and professionals in improving services for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs throughout Pennsylvania.

Over her career, Ann has worked closely with state government on the development of Pennsylvania’s online application and has actively promoted its use for Medicaid, CHIP, and Food Stamp enrollment. She has worked extensively on children’s health coverage issues since the inception of CHIP in Pennsylvania. Her efforts include improving outreach efforts and simplifying application and enrollment procedures. She has collaborated with state program officials on making notices and forms low-literacy appropriate, on improving maternal and child health access and outcomes, and on consumer protections in managed care.



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