Issues & Projects: Assisted Living PALCA

The Pennsylvania Assisted Living Consumer Alliance (PALCA) was a collaboration of consumers, family members, and local and statewide organizations that united to advocate for safety, freedom of choice and high legal standards for residents in assisted living facilities in the state. In January 2008, the Pennsylvania Health Law Project announced the formation of PALCA with the generous support of The Pew Charitable Trusts.

PALCA worked to ensure that the consumer voice is heard and considered in the development of assisted living licensure requirements for Pennsylvania. PALCA advocated for the establishment of standards that define and regulate assisted living facilities – in particular those relating to questions of residents’ rights, staff qualifications, training and resident ration requirements, physical site design, fire and safety codes, aging in place considerations, consumer choice, control, autonomy and an enforcement system. Additionally, at present, there are no national standards or consistent definition or regulation for assisted living, nor any clear best practice standards.

PALCA’s work came to a close when the final assisted living regulations were published. Click here to view the regulations.



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