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Finding and keeping adequate health insurance can be difficult. Insurance rules, health plans, and provider networks can change quickly and with little warning or explanation. For vulnerable Pennsylvanians – the elderly, disabled, low-income, and uninsured – the process is particularly daunting. Thousands of people rely on PHLP every year to guide them through the processes of identifying coverage, appealing denials, filing grievances, and preparing for hearings. We help consumers and their advocates make sense of public health insurance issues, including eligibility, coverage, and consumer rights. In addition, we work with other organizations and government agencies to improve Pennsylvania’s health care system through a variety of advocacy and policy avenues.

PHLP offers its services free of charge, and relies on contributions like yours to provide our services. Your support will help Pennsylvanians access health coverage for themselves and their families, giving them peace of mind and the opportunity to be independent, contributing citizens of our Commonwealth.

Please consider making a donation through our secure online form, or by mailing a check to

Pennsylvania Health Law Project
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Philadelphia, PA 19106

All donors will receive a letter acknowledging their donation for tax purposes. If you have any questions about donating to PHLP, please contact Project Administrator Ashley Vogel by email: avogel [at] phlp [dot] org.



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