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For years, PHLP has published two bi-monthly newsletters, the Health Law PA News and the Senior Health News. Now, we publish the Health Law PA News on a monthly basis.


The Health Law PA News is a newsletter dedicated to informing health care consumers, advocates, and providers about developments in publicly-funded health care programs. We aim to provide practical information that allows readers to better understand health law issues, recognize how upcoming changes will affect them, and identify areas where additional advocacy is needed.

April 2017 Health Law News

  • PA House Republican Budget Squeezes Medicaid 
  • Threats to the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid Continue as AHCA Is Revived
  • Independent Enrollment Broker RFP Released for Bids
  • Community HealthChoices Update
  • Pennsylvania Continues to Take Action to Address the Opioid Crisis
  • Policy Clarifications on Verifying Income Should Help Some People Applying for
  • Medicaid or Renewing Benefits
  • Accessing Prescription Medication When Moving from Medicaid to Medicare


Until December 2013, this newsletter provided information for Older Pennsylvanians with limited incomes and their advocates/providers about the various programs that serve them. Effective January 2014, these two newsletters have been combined into a single monthly publication titled Health Law PA News. The combined newsletter continues to report on topics of specific interest to seniors and persons with disabilities, such as Medicare, the Medicare Savings Program, the Medicare Part D Low-Income Subsidy (LIS), and Home and Community Based Services Waiver programs.

To view past editions of either newsletter, please see the newsletter archive.



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