Services: Policy Advocacy

PHLP provides leadership and support to consumer organizations and policymakers working to guarantee access to high-quality, affordable health care and health coverage. We work intensively with clients and client groups, most notably the Consumer Subcommittee of Pennsylvania’s Medical Assistance Advisory Committee, to turn the lessons learned by PHLP, consumers, and other advocates into policy changes that improve the health care system and the lives of low-income consumers.

Working with consumers, PHLP has developed one of the most active consumer advisory committees in the country. Through this vehicle, consumers review and advise the Commonwealth on the development and delivery of the Medical Assistance program. PHLP is legal counsel to the Consumer Subcommittee, and in that role it advises the Subcommittee, provides technical assistance, and identifies and interprets legal issues. PHLP enables its clients to occupy a credible seat at the table with the state Medicaid agency, health care providers, and insurers, and lends a respected voice in support of a fair, accessible, and high-quality health system.



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