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Use our QuickScreen tool to find out if you might qualify for one the state health insurance programs available in Pennsylvania.

With this program, you can screen for eligibility under Medical Assistance (including waiver programs) and CHIP.

Also, at any time, you can go to the state COMPASS Website to submit an online application directly to the state.

Press here to begin the QuickScreen.

If you have questions about the PA Health Insurance Eligibility QuickScreen, please contact the PA Health Law Project at 1(800) 274-3258.

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Disclaimer: This is a screening tool that the PA Health Law Project has designed, based upon the state’s eligibility rules, to help you to figure out if you may be eligible for free or low-cost health care coverage. It is not an official determination of eligibility nor an application for coverage. Only the agencies that administer the programs can make an official determination of eligibility and process applications.




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