Thanksgiving Closure 2022

If you recently got a letter that stops or reduces your Medicaid coverage or services, such as personal care or nursing services, be sure to file an appeal as soon as possible.  If you file your appeal within ten (10) days of the mail date on the letter, your coverage or services will stay in place during the appeal process. This means you/your child will NOT lose services abruptly, so long as you appeal within 10 days. Your denial letter will tell you how to file the appeal.   If you need additional support filing an appeal, download our guides below. 

                                             Guide: How to Appeal a Denial in HealthChoices

                           Guide: How to Appeal a Denial in Community HealthChoices (CHC)

Please call us back at 1-800-274-3258 when our Helpline reopens on Monday, November 28th if you need further help.