What We Do

David Gates (PHLP) and Susan Tachau (PATF)
Photo Courtesy of Andrew Howard for the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF)

We help people in need get the healthcare they deserve.

PHLP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit legal services organization that represents Pennsylvanians who need help getting or keeping Medicaid (also known as Medical Assistance or MA).   

Through our Helpline, we serve thousands of individuals from across the state each year. We listen to our client's story and we translate their personal experience into a legal problem to be solved. Sometimes that means challenging a decision to deny or stop Medicaid benefits. We also challenge Medicaid plans when they reduce or deny services.

Taking what we learn from individual cases, we advocate for large-scale policy changes that help others across the state. We also build capacity among consumers, providers, and other advocates by getting out in the community to provide education and training.  Using the law and advocacy, we ensure that Pennsylvanians meet their most basic needs and have a pathway to opportunity. 

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How we work

We challenge barriers to help our clients get the health care they deserve. We pursue our mission with a proven mix of collaborative strategies, including representing individual clients; engaging in community education; and advancing systemic change.  Read more about our approach in each of these areas, below. 

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  • We help Pennsylvanians navigate the maze of healthcare resources available to them. Many of our clients are people with disabilities, seniors, and children. 

    We are red tape warriors; experts at getting our clients the healthcare they need and deserve.  Common examples of cases we handle include:

    • Medicaid application denied or existing coverage ends/stops;
    • Health care services denied by Medicaid insurer (e.g., denial of private duty nursing, home health aide, personal assistance services, prescription medications, medical equipment like wheelchairs, and more); 
    • Coordination of Medicare and Medicaid benefits for "Dual Eligibles"; 
    • Individuals struggling with their health care costs.

    Visit our Get Legal Help page to learn more about what we do. If you are in need of legal help, call our Helpline at (800) 274-3258.

  • We offer community education like self-help materials, trainings, and webinars to help consumers, health care providers, and other advocates better understand the complex healthcare system and the laws that govern it.

    We believe in the importance of consumer empowerment. Through community education events and materials in person, online, and in print, we spread the word about obstacles and opportunities while informing others about issues that are essential to an equitable healthcare system.

  • We hold the local, state and federal governments (and their contractors) accountable for treating health care consumers fairly.  We monitor and analyze every proposal with the potential to affect the delivery of healthcare to low-income populations. Often, an inequity that excludes one person is the tip of an iceberg blocking access for many.

    We respond to these patterns of unfair practices by collaborating with clients and advocates to advance solutions in Harrisburg that impact consumers across the state.

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