Request a Training

Laval Miller-Wilson at the Vision for Equality Nursing Summit
PHLP attorney Danna Casserly at the Vision Nursing Summit
PHLP attorney Amy Lowenstein presenting at Inglis House

At PHLP, we use our knowledge of the law and our experience working with clients to train advocates, healthcare providers, social workers, and consumers on a wide range of healthcare related topics. Our trainings range from Medicaid 101 to more in-depth topics like crafting successful strategies for appeals, writing letters of medical necessity, and more. We offer both in-person and web-based trainings.  Our staff invest a significant amount of their time creating materials and conducting trainings. Because of our limited funding, we are not always able to provide trainings free of charge. 

Please submit your training request to us via email at We will review your request and connect with you to discuss further details.