A Look at the New Whole Home Repair Program

Last month, the Pennsylvania legislature created the Whole Home Repair Program. The act (also known as Senate Bill 1135), sponsored by state Senator Nikil Saval (D-Philadelphia), received bipartisan support and designated $125 million to be spent during Pennsylvania’s fiscal year (i.e., July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023).  The Whole Home Repair program provides up to $50,000 for people with low-to-middle incomes who need help paying for home repairs (e.g., roof repair). Proponents of the program point to numerous benefits to the community, including lower exposure to health hazards (e.g., mold and lead), increased access to supports needed for seniors to age in place, and lower utility costs. 

PHLP is particularly interested in this new program because it may help people with disabilities receiving home and community based services (HCBS) through a Medicaid program called Community HealthChoices (CHC).  CHC participants often need home adaptations to live effectively in their homes, but these home adaptations frequently do not occur because some homes need to be repaired before they can be adapted.  CHC does not pay for home repairs.  PHLP is hopeful that the Whole Home Repair Program will result in necessary home repairs so that CHC participants can then adapt their homes for independent living.  

PHLP will provide additional information about the new Whole Home Repair Program as it becomes available. For additional future updates about the program, visit the Whole Home Repair Program website.