A Statement From Our Executive Director on COVID-19

As we navigate these truly challenging times, I want to let you know that PHLP continues to stand with and advocate for our clients. We are all working remotely, but our clients can access our services by phone.

PHLP staff are available to counsel and represent Pennsylvanians throughout the state.  Our toll-free HelpLine (1-800-274-3258) remains open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM. We can also be reached at staff@phlp.org.    

We know that seniors and people with disabilities will be hardest hit by pandemic. We are doing everything we can so that our clients have health insurance coverage and services. 

PHLP has been sharing critical information about how the Medical Assistance and Children’s Health Insurance programs are responding to the COVID-19 emergency.  Now would be a great time to follow us on social media so that you can stay updated and share news widely. 

I am extremely proud of our staff for the work they are doing to continue to serve our clients, even as they shoulder their own important family needs. We also appreciate the efforts of everyone working to bring care to the people who need it most.

In addition to direct representation, PHLP staff are identifying systemic changes that will make the most difference. As the severity of the pandemic started to become clear PHLP quickly took action to secure protections for our clients. For example, PHLP organized a dozen organizations across Pennsylvania to sign a detailed letter to state officials outlining policies to be sure Pennsylvanians do not lose Medical Assistance coverage and services.    

PHLP works to help people in need get the healthcare they deserve. The need has never been greater. I look forward to getting through this crisis and continuing our work with the strength and wisdom that times like this leave in their wake.

Wishing you good health during this challenging time. 

Laval Miller-Wilson
Executive Director