Celebrating National Social Work Month

March was National Social Work.  According to the National Association of Social Workers, the theme for 2020 is “Social Workers: Generations Strong”.  Social workers play a vital role in the lives of individuals, families, communities and organizations.  Tens of thousands work in Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services, and their many subcontractors and partners. 

Clinical social workers provide individual, group and family treatment for mental health and substance use disorders.   Social workers are also case managers and resource connectors providing services to individuals marginalized by society.  Their compassion and belief in the inherit worth of every person is the hallmark of the profession.

PHLP employs two master level social workers, Janice Meinert and Erin Guay.  We’re very proud of their contributions to our mission. 

Amid an unprecedented worldwide pandemic, “look for the helpers” as Mr. Fred Rogers’ mother told him; among them, you are guaranteed to find many social workers.  That’s always been the case in the history of our society – they are, indeed, generations strong!