LINET Drug Coverage Program Becomes Permanent

The LINET (Limited Income Newly Eligible Transition) Program has been in place as a Medicare demonstration program since 2010. LINET provides temporary, safety-net drug coverage for people eligible for Extra Help who are not yet enrolled in a Medicare prescription drug plan.  This is an especially important safety net for new dual eligibles (those with both Medicare and Medicaid) who lose their Medicaid drug coverage before they are enrolled in a Medicare drug plan. The Consolidated Appropriations Act makes LINET a permanent program effective in 2024.  Humana currently administers the LINET program. 

Here are some reminders about this helpful program, which can provide both immediate and retroactive Part D coverage to people with Extra Help:

  • LINET is available to people in original Medicare.  It will not work for someone who is enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan (regardless of whether the plan includes drug coverage) or is already enrolled in a Medicare Part D plan.
  • Individuals can be enrolled at the pharmacy counter (using information available here) or by reaching out to the LINET program Help Desk for coverage at 1-800-783-1307.  Advocates helping people access LINET coverage can call LINET’s Advocacy Line at 1-866-934-2019.

People seeking help through LINET must show proof that they are eligible for Extra Help unless the system is already showing Medicaid coverage. This proof could be a Medicaid eligibility notice, an Extra Help eligibility letter, a print-out from the Medicaid eligibility verification system, or a person’s Medicaid card.

If someone has an urgent need for medications, the pharmacy can get an immediate need override from LINET, and the medications will be covered at the lower Extra Help copay while proof of Extra Help eligibility is submitted and the LINET system is updated. Individuals who paid out of pocket for medications after becoming eligible for Extra Help can also contact LINET for instructions about seeking reimbursement.

People enrolled in LINET receive a welcome letter with information about LINET coverage, enrollment dates, and Medicare Part D enrollment information.  LINET coverage is temporary until a beneficiary enrolls in a Part D plan. If a beneficiary with Extra Help does not join a Medicare health or drug plan, Medicare will auto-enroll them into a zero-premium stand-alone Part D plan. LINET coverage will end when the new coverage begins. 

New dual eligibles who are having problems getting medications can contact PA MEDI at 1-800-783-7067 or PHLP’s Helpline at 1-800-274-3258 or