Missed the Pennie Enrollment Deadline? It May Not Be Too Late!

The annual open enrollment period for Pennie, Pennsylvania's Health and Dental Insurance Marketplace, has ended. However, it may not be too late to sign up for affordable health insurance.  People who may be eligible for Medicaid can apply for coverage at any time.  People whose income is too high for Medicaid can purchase health insurance through Pennie outside of the annual open enrollment period, if they qualify for a “special enrollment period” (SEP).   There are several circumstances that allow someone to access an SEP, including getting married, having or adopting a child, and losing other health insurance.  We highlight two types of SEPs below.

“Path to Pennie” Special Enrollment Period

The Path to Pennie program makes it easy for uninsured income tax filers to get medical and dental insurance coverage through Pennie. Path to Pennie can also provide financial assistance to help reduce the cost of the insurance premium and the costs of accessing health care.

As tax filers complete or amend their Pennsylvania State Income Tax Return, they can fill out Form REV-1882, Health Insurance Coverage Information Request, indicating if they or family members are uninsured.  The PA Department of Revenue will securely share relevant tax filer information with Pennie.  Pennie will 1) create an account on the individual’s behalf; 1) send an access code to open a Pennie account along with an estimate of the financial aid the individual is likely to receive toward the cost of health insurance and health care; and 3) open a 60-day SEP to shop for and enroll in health coverage. Almost all third party tax preparation software and MyPath, the PA Department of Revenue’s tax filing webpage, will populate the REV-1882 with responses to simple questions as part of filing a return. 

Income Special Enrollment Period

People with lower incomes – at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level – are eligible to enroll in subsidized health insurance through Pennie at any time with coverage starting the next month.  In 2023, 150% of the federal poverty level is equal to $20,385 per year for a single person and $27,465 for a family of two.   Plan choices include zero-premium plans.  People who choose a plan in the “Silver” tier will also have reduced deductibles and other out of pocket costs. 

Those who would like more information on Pennie coverage may visit the Pennie website or call Pennie customer service at 1-844-844-8040.