Pennie Offers Special Enrollment Period for Those Affected by FTC and Benefytt Settlement

A Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Pennie healthcare coverage has been approved for Pennsylvania residents affected by the recent settlement between the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Benefytt Technologies. Benefytt Technologies is a Florida-based company that was recently discovered to be fraudulently marketing and selling healthcare products. Benefytt is accused of defrauding customers with misleading health plans, confusing websites, and charging additional fees for unnecessary products.

All affected participants should have received notice in the mail of the settlement, options, and the SEP for Pennie. Pennie is also contacting those affected to inform them of the SEP. Affected persons will need to submit an “Exceptional Circumstance” SEP request to Pennie in order to enroll in coverage, and will need to provide documents demonstrating that they were affected by the Benefytt settlement. Once their eligibility is verified by Pennie, they will be allowed to enroll in a Pennie health plan with coverage to start immediately. The SEP will run for 60 days after the participant is notified of the settlement and SEP.

If you are affected by the Benefytt settlement and are wondering about your options, you should contact Pennie at 1-844-844-8040.  Reminder: Pennie open enrollment for all Pennsylvanians starts on November 1, 2022 and ends January 15, 2023 for coverage that begins in 2023.