Pennsylvania Seeks to Open Pediatric Complex Care Resource Centers (PCCRCs) in 2023

The Department of Human Services’ Office of Medical Assistance Programs (DHS-OMAP) is creating Pediatric Complex Care Resource Centers (PCCRCs) that will operate throughout the state. The goal of PCCRCs is to support families of children with complex medical needs, as well as their healthcare providers and support systems, especially as related to access to shift care services and other healthcare supports. PCCRCs will educate and train on specific needs and should make using and navigating Medicaid services (e.g. getting durable medical equipment, finding behavioral health providers) easier for families of medically complex children.  The trainings will be individualized to the child and preferably held at the child’s home to ensure that all their unique care needs are met. Virtual trainings that mirror the in-person trainings will also be available through an online portal.

PCCRCs are also tasked with addressing the needs of the child’s family. To this end, PCCRCs will provide resources beyond what is accessible from peers or extended family members. These extra resources include:

  • A 24/7 hotline that will direct families toward non-medical resources;
  • Family advisory workgroups that will act as a safety net where families can voice care concerns and suggestions; and
  • Transition navigators that will serve as a liaison between departments to inform families about in-home services and options for family-based alternatives to institutions.

DHS-OMAP aims to have the PCCRCs operation by the middle of calenday year 2023, though they will not be fully staffed and working at capacity until the end of 2024. PCCRCs were made possible because of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant funding. After 2024, they will be sustained and funded by the Physical Health Managed Care Organizations (PH-MCOs).

In creating the PCCRC framework, DHS-OMAP surveyed families and healthcare providers about their needs and how PCCRCs should operate. This survey closed October 21st. Those interested in learning the results of the survey can join the next Pediatric Shift Nursing Care Stakeholder Update Call. To be included in these calls, e-mail

PHLP is pleased that DHS-OMAP took such a proactive step in seeking stakeholder feedback to ensure the PCCRCs carry out their intended purpose: providing person-centered, holistic care to children on Medicaid with medically complex conditions.