PHLP Navigators are Helping Connect People to COVID-19 Testing and Treatment

In August, PHLP hired two additional outreach and community navigators to ensure that low-income and marginalized Pennsylvanians have equitable access to COVID-19 testing and treatment.  

COVID-19 continues to infect individuals across the state of Pennsylvania, with Black communities being amongst the hardest hit.  PHLP is committed to ensuring these vulnerable populations have the resources available to them to know where to get tested, and where to go for treatment if they test positive. Our goal is to work to fil the gap for these communities; while there is information out there regarding COVID testing sites, the available information it is rarely geared to or easily accessible to people who are on Medicaid or uninsured. We are specifically compiling and disseminating information on low-barrier testing sites to our target populations.  

Over the past two months, our navigators have identified marginalized communities struggling to get tested and treated for COVID-19, investigated the availability of testing and treatment, targeted outreach efforts to these communities to increase awareness of testing and treatment options, and helped individuals in these communities connect to COVID-19 related services.  

Right now, our navigators are researching and creating resources related to testing in the Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg/York, and Lehigh Valley areas. For up to date COVID-19 information, and to learn more about PHLP’s advocacy and look at testing sites in our targeted areas, you can visit our website.