Public Charge Updates

In our last article, we provided information on the new Public Charge rule, which was scheduled to take effective October 15, 2019. We are happy to report the new rule did not take effect. Various lawsuits were filed and on October 11, 2019 a New York court ruled that the public charge rule would not take effect while any court case was pending because of the potential harm it would cause the individuals receiving the public benefits. This case will continue to make its way through the court system, but for now, the rules applying to the public charge test within the United States have not changed.

Everyone should continue to utilize their Medicaid and other public benefits and to seek health care treatment without fear.  Healthcare providers should not ask for your immigration information or require you to show a photo ID in order to be treated.  Additionally, you can receive health care without insurance by going to the emergency room, community health centers, and clinics. For further resources and information, please visit


It is important to remember everyone’s situation is different. If you have questions regarding Public Charge and whether or how it impacts you, please contact an immigration attorney for individualized advice. For free or low cost options, visit