SPREAD THE WORD! New Self-Help Resources are Available for CHC Participants

PHLP has recently created several self-help guides for Community HealthChoices (CHC) Participants.  Here are a few of the highlights: 

  • PERSONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES (PAS) APPEALS GUIDE: PAS is one of the most used and regulated CHC benefits.  This self-help guide walks participants through preparing for a grievance involving personal assistance services (PAS). It is a companion to our earlier fact sheet on How to Appeal a Denial in CHC. 


  • SERVICE COORDINATION TOOLKIT: PHLP created this self-help guide to help participants with common issues with their service coordinators. It includes instructions on how to file a complaint. 


  • PERSON-CENTERED SERVICE PLANNING (PCSP) GUIDE: This workbook introduces new CHC participants to the person-centered service planning process. It includes a worksheet to help participants prepare for a comprehensive needs assessment and get the most out of their service plan. 


PHLP encourages participants and their advocates to visit the PHLP Resource Library for these and other valuable materials.