Changes Coming for People Using PPL for Participant-Directed Services

Starting April 1, 2022, Tempus Unlimited, Inc. (Tempus) is replacing Public Partnerships LLC (PPL) as the financial management services provider for Community HealthChoices (CHC) participants who use the participant-directed model for their personal assistance services.

Under the participant-directed model, the CHC Participant is considered an “employer” and hires their own direct care workers. The CHC Participant (employer) is responsible for training, scheduling, and supervising their direct care workers as well as terminating them, if needed. The financial management services provider handles employment-related paperwork (e.g., clearances, tax forms), tracks hours worked, and pays the direct care worker. The participant directed model is also referred to as “self-direction” or “consumer-direction.” Tempus calls it the Self-Directed Services Option.  

Earlier this year, all three CHC plans chose Tempus to replace PPL as the financial management services provider starting in 2022. Over the past few months, Tempus has been preparing for the transition which will impact approximately ten thousand CHC participants and their direct care workers.

Transition Packets Should be Received by December 15, 2021

Tempus has been mailing transition packets in phases to CHC participants who are employers under this model as well as to their direct care workers. These transition packets contain important forms that must be completed and returned to Tempus.  Participants and direct care workers who have not received their transition packets by December 15th should contact Tempus at or 1-844-983-6787.

December Transition Info Sessions for Participant Employers and Direct Care Workers

Tempus has been holding in-person and virtual information sessions throughout November and December. Although the last in-person sessions for 2021 is on December 16th, people can still participate in virtual sessions throughout December. Each session lasts one hour.

Training Sessions in 2022

Although the final training schedule has not yet been announced, next year Tempus will hold training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Tempus’ electronic visit verification (EVV) timesheet submission and approval process
  • Tempus’ online tools and self-service portal
  • Tempus’ enrollment process

Adjusting to Tempus’ system and platform may be challenging, so participants and direct care workers who have been using PPL are strongly encouraged to attend the training sessions. 

PHLP will provide more information about this transition next year. People can visit the Tempus Unlimited, Inc. website for more information about the transition. Readers who are interested in this topic are also encouraged to sign up for the Office of Long Term Living’s Community HealthChoices listserv to get notified of the monthly Financial Management Services (FMS) Stakeholder meetings and other Community HealthChoices news.