Important Updates for CHC Participants and Direct Care Workers Transitioning from PPL to Tempus

The CHC Managed Care Plans continue to work with Tempus Unlimited, Inc (Tempus) to prepare for the transition from PPL to Tempus as the new financial management services provider starting July 1, 2022. This change impacts CHC Participants who use the participant-directed model to hire their direct care workers – it does not impact anyone getting their Personal Assistance Services or direct care workers through an agency.

  • Starting May 10th, there will be in-person drop-in sessions in eight (8) locations across Pennsylvania. People who live in an area with a drop-in session can go and get help completing transition packets and training about how to use Tempus’ new system for recording and approving time. See the schedule here.
  • Between now and May 20th, CHC participants and their Direct Care Workers (DCWs) can practice using Tempus’ smartphone app and portal to record and approve time. 
    • Here is the link to the Tempus portal that is called EVVIE:  People must be registered to use this system.
    • People can contact the Tempus EVV Help Desk Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm for help with problems downloading the app or using the portal. Click here for more information about the EVV Help Desk.
  • People can now check the status of their transition packet on Tempus’ website here. People can also contact Tempus at 1-844-983-6787 or to get this information.
  • Language access: CHC Participants and Direct Care Workers who need a transition packet in a language other than English should contact Tempus at 1-844-983-6787 or
  • Connect on Facebook: Tempus has set up a new Pennsylvania-specific Facebook page where they will share important links and updates with consumers and DCWs.
  • Important dates for enrolling new CHC Participants and Direct Care Workers into the self-directed system:
    • CHC Participants who are new to self-direction will register with Tempus starting May 7, 2022.
    • Current CHC Participants using self-direction who hire new DCWs will continue to register the workers through PPL until May 20, 2022. After this date, new DCWs will need to be registered through Tempus.

Please see PHLP’s latest newsletter article for a full list of actions CHC Participants need to take to prepare for the transition from PPL to Tempus.