Tempus Officially Starts as Community HealthChoices FMS Vendor on July 1st

On July 1st, Tempus Unlimited will start to pay direct care workers who are hired by Community HealthChoices (CHC) participants using the self-directed model of care. Advocates are bracing for delayed or incorrect payments to these direct care workers (DCWs) who had previously been paid by Public Partnerships Limited (PPL). The change is happening because the CHC Plans made the decision last year to choose Tempus as the new Financial Management Services (FMS) vendor for CHC participants who self-direct their care.

Self-directed care is also called participant-directed care. It is an alternative to getting a caregiver through an agency. Please note that this change does not impact payments to caregivers who are hired by agencies.  

Community HealthChoices (CHC) participants and their direct care workers started to use Tempus’ systems to record and approve time beginning in early June. PHLP has heard from numerous individuals this month who have had problems getting into and using the new Tempus timekeeping systems as well as people who have had trouble contacting Tempus for help due to extremely long wait times.

Participants or DCWs having problems with the transition to Tempus should be aware of these resources:

  • Direct Care Workers who get paid by direct deposit and who do not get paid on July 1st for some or all shifts worked should contact:
    • Tempus at 1-844-983-6787, or
    • Services Employees International Union (SEIU) at 1-800-252-3894. DCWs do not have to be union members to get help.  
  • Participants can help these DCWs by contacting:  
    • Tempus at 1-844-983-6787,
    • Their Service Coordinator, or
    • Their CHC managed care plan (the member services or participant services number can be found on the back of the CHC plan ID card).  
  • Direct Care Workers who have not been able to record time for some or all shifts worked in Tempus’ systems can fill out a paper timesheet and submit it to Tempus for payment.

Here is other information that is helpful to know now:

  • Tempus plans to pay DCWs for any shifts recorded in the system, even if they have not been “locked” (approved) by the employer who is usually the CHC Participant. In the future, shifts will need to be locked to be paid.
  • Paper timesheets are only allowed on a temporary basis. DCWs on payroll schedule A can use paper timesheets through July 16th. DCWs on payroll schedule B can use paper timesheets through July 23rd.  After these dates, all time must be recorded and approved using Tempus’ online or phone systems.
  • Payments based on paper timesheets submitted after June 28th will be delayed. Although timesheets are available in languages other than English, they are not available in Spanish, Russian, or Chinese. 
  • Approximately twelve percent of DCWs do not get paid by direct deposit and should look out for payments to be sent from Tempus by mail over the next week or two.
  • CHC Participants and Direct Care Workers who need help registering for and using Tempus’ systems to record and approve time should contact Tempus (see above) or their Service Coordinator. These systems must be used starting in mid to late July depending on payroll schedule to avoid future problem with payments.
  • Tempus’ website has training materials available as well as schedules for trainings, helpdesks, and general questions and answer sessions. All of these are scheduled until mid-July.

CHC Participants and DCWs impacted by this change who are not getting their problems addressed by Tempus or their CHC plan can contact PHLP’s Helpline at 1-800-274-3258 or staff@phlp.org.