CHC Participant Transition to Tempus: Important Updates

In January and last month, we provided readers with information on the transition from PPL to Tempus for Community HealthChoices (CHC) participants who use the participant-directed model to employ their direct care workers. Here, we provide the latest update on the ongoing transition process.

Transition Delayed

The state Office of Long Term Living (OLTL) has delayed the transition to Tempus Unlimited, Inc., the new financial management services (FMS) provider, from April 1, 2022 to July 1, 2022.  The delay occurred as the result of complaints and concerns from participants and their direct care workers and Tempus’ lack of readiness to proceed with the original implementation date.  In February, Tempus had only received approximately 50% of the required transition packets from participants and their direct care workers.

Since then, Tempus has remailed the packets to participants and workers who had not returned the completed packet.  Tempus also sent email, text (where available) and phone messages notifying participants and workers:

  • if packets were received and processed - or -
  • if packets were not received and mailed again – or –
  • if packets were mailed for the first time to people new to the participant directed model.

Participants and direct care workers who have not received a message that their packet has been received and processed and have not received a new packet, should notify Tempus immediately at 1-844-983-6787 or email them at Individuals can also visit Tempus’ website to request their transition packets by completing the “Common Law Employer (CLE) Transition Packet Request” form for CHC participants or completing the “Direct Care Worker (DCW) Transition Packet Request” form for employees. 

If Tempus receives incomplete packets, they will be reaching out to participants and workers for the needed additional information.  Tempus is also working on translating the transition packets into other languages besides English.

Mandatory Trainings & EVV

There are mandatory Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) trainings for all participants and their direct care workers on the timesheet submission and approval process.  There are separate trainings for the Common Law Employers/ Participants and Direct Care Workers.  Sessions are scheduled both during the day and in the evening as well as on Saturdays. While attending a training is required, pre-registration is not required. Please click here for the training schedule, more information about what is covered during the training, and how to join the training sessions.  

All participants and direct care workers using EVV must have an email set up.  Individuals who don’t currently have an email address can go to the Tempus website to learn how to set one up: . Tempus will be sending EVV Enrollment “Welcome” emails at the end of March.

Participants and direct care workers who have not or are not able to use the electronic portal system will continue to be able to use telephony (“a land line”).  The landline system is referred to as IVR - Interactive Voice Recognition or TVV – Telephonic Visit Verification. There is a fact sheet on the Tempus website explaining how to use IVR/ TVV.  There is also a webinar titled “EVV Town Hall Webinar” on their website which also explains how to use IVR/TVV.  The last 5 minutes of this 25-minute webinar discusses how to use this system.  Tempus has not yet released the call-in phone number that will be used for IVR/TVV.

Q&A Sessions & Stakeholder Meetings

Tempus is holding General Q&A Sessions until April 1, 2022, and likely beyond.  The sessions are scheduled every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10am-11am and Fridays from 4pm-5pm. Pre-registration is not required. Please click here for details about joining these sessions.

The Office of Long Term Living is also holding public Stakeholder meetings on the transition to Tempus on the first Friday of every month.  Please note the exception for April, as the meeting will be held on Friday, April 8, 2022.  Representatives from Tempus and the CHC managed care plans will be available at the Stakeholder meetings to answer questions.  To receive emails with updates from the OLTL, register here:

Payroll Schedule for Tempus

The first day for those in Payroll Schedule A to submit time to Tempus is June 5th.  The first day for those in Payroll Schedule B to submit time is June 12th.  First payroll for those in Schedule A and Schedule B will be July 1, 2022.

For Direct Care Workers to be paid beginning July 1, 2022, it is essential that all required information be submitted to Tempus for the DCWs and the CHC Participants.  Call Tempus immediately at 1-844-983-6787 or email them at if packets have not been received or other questions or problems.

PLEASE NOTE – If CHC Participants have moved and have not notified the County Assistance Office or the Customer Service Center at 877-395-8930 (or in Philadelphia at 215-560-7226), please do so immediately.  Tempus is mailing packets to the most recent address provided by the County Assistance Offices, so it is important to make sure your address is up to date on your case file.

CHC Participants who are having problems getting their transition packets or having problems attending a training are encouraged to contact PHLP’s Helpline at 1-800-274-3258 or