OMHSAS Holding Monthly Webinars for Stakeholder Updates and Feedback

The Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services of the Department of Human Services (OMHSAS) recently decided to hold monthly webinars for providers, provider associations and consumers, families, and advocates.  

Starting in January 2021, the webinars for providers, provider associations, consumers, their families, and advocates will occur on the third Tuesday of each month from 3:00 to 4:00 pm. A separate monthly webinar will be held with counties and county affiliates. OMHSAS requests that stakeholders join the meeting that best suits their interests 

Attendees will receive general updates and discuss topics OMHSAS will send ahead of time. Recommendations for agenda topics or questions can be submitted via e-mail to by the close of business on the second Tuesday of each month.  The email account will be monitored, and the sender will receive a reply if more information is needed. Responses will not be provided if additional information is not needed.  

You can sign up here for the reminders and log-in information.  

Below are the dates and times for the providers; provider associations; and consumers, their families, and advocates meetings in 2021.   

Meeting Date/Time:                                                      Agenda Topics Due By: 
Tuesday, 3/16/21 @ 3pm                                               Tuesday, 3/9/21 
Tuesday, 4/20/21 @ 3pm                                               Tuesday, 4/13/21 
Wednesday, 5/19/21 @ 3pm                                        Tuesday, 5/11/21 
Tuesday, 6/15/21 @ 3pm                                               Tuesday, 6/8/21 
Tuesday, 7/20/21 @ 3pm                                               Tuesday, 7/13/21 
Tuesday, 8/17/21 @ 3pm                                               Tuesday, 8/10/21 
Tuesday, 9/21/21 @ 3pm                                               Tuesday, 9/14/21 
Tuesday, 10/19/21 @ 3pm                                            Tuesday, 10/12/21 
Tuesday, 11/16/21 @ 3pm                                            Tuesday, 11/9/21 
Tuesday, 12/21/21 @ 3pm                                            Tuesday, 12/14/21 

OMHSAS is open to ideas and suggestions on maximizing the effectiveness of these meetings. 

The monthly meetings are not a replacement for the Mental Health Planning Council quarterly meetings.  Those meetings will continue in addition to these newly established meetings.  Readers with more questions should email